Furniture rental

With us at Furnlease a furniture rental gives the complete solution for your unfurnished home!

Furniture leasing with us at Furnlease

The complete solution for your unfurnished home!

With us at Furnlease, you get help turning the empty home into a fully equipped accommodation by easily renting your furniture and having it furnished by us.

Our goal is to make it easy to live and thrive in your fully furnished home. We therefore offer furniture leasing instead of you having to rent an already furnished apartment. In addition to furniture, we can serve you with interior details and equipment, such as porcelain and kitchen equipment.

Common to our customers is that they want a smooth solution. Our main policy is to provide high levels of service and delivery reliability. If you rent furniture through us, you get a smooth solution to a difficult problem – a solution carried in by us and instantly ready to be put to good use.

What does our founder say?

"If you rent furniture through us, you get a smooth solution to a difficult problem. Carried by us and ready to use right away."

— Joakim Hilding

Founder Furnlease

What kind of furniture is there to rent?

With us at Furnlease you rent lots of different furniture and furnishings for all your needs. But that is not all. We also have equipment in the form of porcelain, cleaning, and kitchen utensils. We can provide you with all kinds of furniture that you need for a complete home. You do not have to look for furniture from different companies – instead you find everything with us. Our furniture rental includes everything from sofas, armchairs, chairs to tables, beds, and storage furniture.

Examples of furniture you can rent

We can provide you with all kinds of furniture that you need for a complete home. For example:

To the living room

To the kitchen

To the bedroom

Rent home equipment

Once you have furniture in place and interior details, as well as the little extra, you must also be able to live in your home. Therefore, we also offer you kitchen equipment, crockery, cleaning equipment, etc. By furniture renting for the home, you get a complete home to thrive in.

We offer furniture rental to individuals, companies, and property owners. Does your company have an overnight apartment that needs to be furnished or do you or the company temporarily rent an apartment? Then it is perfect to rent furniture from Furnlease. We will help you equip the apartment. We furnish the living room with sofa and table, the kitchen with kitchen table, chairs and all kitchen equipment, the bedroom with a comfortable bed and bedside table. We decorate the apartment, we set up lighting and we put the storage furniture in place. We aim at our furnishing solution to be economical, pleasant, and sustainable to our customers. Many of our customers are companies that need temporary accommodation for their staff.

Rent furnishings

In addition to furniture, you can also rent interior details. A complete home also includes lighting. In our range at Furnlease you find different types of lamps. If you want mirrors, paintings or maybe a nice rug to have under the coffee table, we have that as well.

You can also rent an assortment of textiles from us. We have, among other things, curtains, throws, duvets, and pillows.

Interior details go the extra mile in a home. Through us, you can easily rent everything from one and the same company.

Furniture leasing for apartment

Finding an apartment can be very difficult – if you are also looking for a furnished apartment, the selection will be small. With our solution, you can rent increase the number of potential apartments as you do not only have make do the furnished ones.

In cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, there is fierce competition for apartments. If you need to rent a furnished home, this immediately becomes more difficult. Through us, you can therefore, for example, rent furniture in Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg, but of course we deliver all over Sweden.

Contact us

We are located in Stockholm but are at your service all over Sweden. Contact us for your questions about our services and products and how a furniture lease from us at Furnlease would work for you.

For more information about our range, products, and services as well as how to rent from us, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or by our contact form below.