Rent furniture – choose smooth living

Rent furniture – Furnlease provide you with the flexible solution
of having a home furnished without the need of buying or owning furniture.

Rent your furniture from Furnlease.

We turn the temporary residence into a real home.

There are situations where the option to rent furniture is by far the best one. Are you going to start studying and need furniture for the apartment you rent second hand? Have you separated and moved into an empty home? Do you have a company with staff who work temporarily in another location? Or are you a property owner who rent out apartments for a limited time? We at Furnlease provide you with furniture and furnishings so that you do not have to buy new furniture – as flexible and smart solution for you and the environment.

Rent furniture, kitchen utensils, lighting, etc. from us and have them delivered directly to your home.

Carried in and ready to use right away! A timesaving and environmentally friendly solution. We are in Stockholm but deliver to the whole of Sweden.

Get in touch with us with your needs and we will help you with your furniture. Your style, your conditions, your home.

Rent furniture


The advantages of renting furniture


We tailor each solution based on personal desires, budget, and rental time. The cost is in a fixed monthly fee at a competitive price.


First and foremost, a home should feel inviting, but we also need to think about the environment. Therefore, we always work with a sustainability perspective in our assignments.

Ready for occupancy

You are responsible for the home – we arrange with all the furnishings and equipment. In addition, we arrange with the moving in and out. Faster than quickly, we solve any problems during the rental period.

Smooth solutions

Rent furniture – a convenient solution!

Are you going to move to an apartment or house? You may just be tired of the furniture you have and want new, but can’t bear the whole process of renting trailers, borrowing a car, assembling the furniture, wandering around a lot of different furniture stores, and then not finding everything anyway.

Let us help you. We offer furniture and furnishings that you rent from us and get delivered directly to your home. You get your furniture carried in, placed in the desired place and you get time for other things.

We provide you with a complete accommodation to thrive in. Furnlease turns the empty space into a real home – something nice to be back home to.

Your style, your conditions, your home

Renting furniture – the advantages

Imagine that there is a solution where you not only act sustainably for nature but also have an incredibly flexible solution to your furniture problem. Our goal is for this solution to be a smooth support, as well as a solution with a high level of service, delivery reliability, cost-efficiency, and sustainability.

Furnlease is in Stockholm but delivers to most cities in Sweden. Thanks to our wide range, you can easily get help with everything for a fully equipped home. If you want to rent furniture in Stockholm or rent furniture in Gothenburg, we can easily help you with this.

If you are going to have a smaller event in Stockholm, we can assist with the furniture we have in stock. But it is primarily housing we rent furniture to.

Tailor-made solutions for your home

Tailor-made solution

We are all different and have different needs. At Furnlease, we make sure that you will have a tailor-made solution that really suits you. Rent furniture based on your desires. You arrange the accommodation, and we help you with the furniture. Renting furniture for the home is a simple and convenient solution.

Instead of renting furnished apartments that limit the selection of homes, you can choose unfurnished housing instead and rent furniture through us.

As a company, you may need to rent furniture for an apartment for an employee to live in. We have a smooth and cost-effective solution for that.

I love my home!

“I am so happy with Furnlease, and the rental of furniture went smoothly and well. I love my new home.”

Anders Nilsson

Really good service!

“Really good service and fast deliveries! I’m very happy with the process.”

Johanna Marklund

Highly recommended!

“I highly recommend Furnlease! They have a wide range to choose from and keep their promises.”

Emma Jonsson

Rent furniture but also interior details and kitchen utensils

With us at Furnlease you can not only rent furniture but also interior details in the form of porcelain and kitchen utensils. We are a complete solution for your home.

With us, you rent furniture for all needs and rooms. Everything from sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, beds, storage furniture and much more. Get in touch with us and we will help you and answer your questions about how to rent furniture from us.

Interior items are important in a home, not only to make your home feel cozy but also out of necessity – lighting is a must in a home. With us you can rent lighting, carpets, curtains and much more that will make your home feel more like a home.

Once you have furniture, storage facilities and interior details in place, you get to the more practical. With us you can also rent equipment for the home. Equipment such as crockery, cleaning, and kitchen utensils.

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