Furnished apartment

Why rent a furnished apartment when furnlease can furnish Your accommodation for you?

Furnished apartment

We furnish your apartment

Even if you are looking for a temporary accommodation, a furnished apartment is probably the preferred choice. But it is not always easy to find apartments already furnished, especially not with something matching your needs and taste. We at Furnlease provide a solution – rent your apartment unfurnished, and we will help you furnish it. Through us, you rent the furniture, interior details, and other equipment for the home.

It does not matter if you want to rent a furnished apartment in big cities such as Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm or if you want temporary accommodation elsewhere in Sweden. We deliver the furniture directly to your home and the moving of them is included.

No need to look for fully furnished apartments – the types and available amount of apartments greatly increase when letting us furnish an empty apartment for you.

You rent all furniture, furnishings and equipment from us during the months you need your accommodation. Contact us and we will help you with everything concerning this!

The advantages of renting furniture through furnlease


We tailor each solution based on personal wishes, budget, and rental time. The price is a competitive, and paid as a fixed monthly fee.


First and foremost, a home should feel inviting, but we also need to think about the environment. Therefore, we always work with a sustainability perspective in our assignments.

Ready for occupancy

You care for the home, we care for the furnishings and equipment. In addition, we arrange for the moving in and out. Any problems concerning our assignment during the rental period, we take care of quickly and smootly.

Options for furnished apartment

It can be difficult to find a furnished apartment or other furnished housings. Do you have an empty apartment or other accommodation that you want furnished? We solve this in a proper and smooth way.

With us, you can create a complete home. We have access to a variety of furniture that fits all rooms for an apartment or a house. Whether you are looking for furniture for a bedroom, kitchen, living room or hallway, we have the furniture for you.

Rent sofa, coffee table, armchairs, kitchen table and chairs for your rooms. But you will also find a bed, bedside table and chest of drawers with us. We provide interior details such as lighting, carpets, textiles, pillows and much more.

With us, you can also find home equipment useful when moving into your new, un-furnished home – we gladly provide equipment such as crockery, cleaning equipment and kitchen utensils. We furnish the apartment for you and take care of everything this.

Contact us for more information if you want to rent some or all furniture for your apartment or residence.

Renting furniture

Have you searched for a furnished apartment and not found one that suits you? Perhaps it has been the wrong size of the apartment or not in the right area.

Let us help you with this problem, get more choices when choosing an apartment. We furnish your rooms in the apartment for you in a comfortable, simple and affordable way no matter where in Sweden you live.

Renting home furniture

It is not only your apartment that you can have furnished through us, we can also help you furnish houses or other types of homes. Regardless of the size of your home, we have the furniture for all the rooms.

Move into a fully furnished home, or rent furniture from us instead of buying new ones. Having the furniture carried in, is included, and after you have finished renting the furniture, we pick it up with.

You will find us in Stockholm, but we rent out throughout Sweden. Regardless of size, number of rooms, apartment or residence, in Stockholm or in the rest of Sweden, we provide the simple and flexible solution to your furniture problems.

Do you want to rent out a furnished apartment?

Are you a property owner who rents out apartments for limited periods? Or an apartment owner who wants to sublet? Then we at Furnlease can help you with furniture for your rentals.

You can rent all furniture from us for your homes. We make sure that the apartment becomes furnished room by room and create a home where you can have people directly move into fully furnished and habitable homes!

We are a complete solution, which means that we furnish all rooms regardless of the size of the apartments. We can provide the apartment with both furniture and interior details such as lighting, carpets, etc. But we can also provide home equipment such as crockery, cleaning and kitchen equipment.

Through our furniture rental, you get a reliable and flexible solution with a high level of service. We deliver, carry in and furnish the various number of rooms for which you want to rent furniture.

What does our founder say?

"If you rent furniture through us, you get a smooth solution to a difficult problem. Carried by us and ready to use right away."

— Joakim Hilding

Founder Furnlease

Renting your furniture in Gothenburg

If you are going to start studying in Gothenburg or have found your new home there and are looking for furniture, we easily deliver in the whole area. Getting the furniture worn in and worn out is included in the price. Carrying furniture up a bunch of stairs up to the apartment can be very exhausting. We will also solve this for you. Hiring us is easy and convenient – your apartment will be furnished and ready without you having to lift a finger.

If you are to temporarily settle in in the city due to a job for example, it can be more convenient and cost effective to rent furniture for the apartment instead of buying new ones. Finding a nice and properly furnished apartment can be difficult in Gothenburg. Renting all the furniture for an empty apartment might be a smoother and nicer solution though. We have a general delivery time of 15 days but most often it can be shorter. It depends on how much furniture you desire and the delivery pressure in general.

Renting your furniture in Stockholm

Are you moving to or around in Stockholm and need furniture for an apartment, a full house or just a room? Rent furniture through us instead of buying new furniture, and have it delivered directly to the new home.

Our company is located in Stockholm but we operate all over Sweden. Want to rent furniture for your apartment but do not live in Stockholm? We solve that – we deliver the furniture to the city or locality in which you have your new home.

Contact us

You are warmly welcome to contact us if you have questions about having your apartment, house or room furnished. We furnish all types of accommodation for companies or individuals regardless of the size of the homes. If you want more information or wish to have a quote, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.